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WeroSoft.Runtime.Models.MetaModel Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classDecoratedPropertyMetadata
Implements the base type of specialized attributes for decorated types.
Public classDiscretePropertyMetadata
Represents meta data of a discrete property.
Public classMetadataAttribute
Implements the base type for defining meta data attributes.
Public classMetadataBase
Base type of the meta data class hierarchy.
Public classMetadataProperty
Represents the basic type of a property meta information.
Public classModelMetadataExtensions
Provides some extension methods for handling the meta data items.
Public classModelMetadataReader
Provides the meta data of a single root object or a collection of root objects.
Public classNoMetadataAttribute
Defines that for the property no meta data shall be generated.
Public classNumericPropertyMetadata
Defines an attribute to be applied to numeric properties.
Public classNumericPropertyMetadataAttribute
Declares the usage of a numeric meta data.
Public classPropertyMetadataAttribute
Defines the property meta data base type.
Public classSingleValuePropertyMetadataAttribute
Defines a meta data attribute used for a single value.
Public classStandardPropertyMetadata
Represents meta data of a discrete property which is not decorated with a meta data attribute.
Public interfaceIMetadataProperty
Defines the responsibility for a meta data property.