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WeroSoft.Diagnostics.CodeExamination Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Provides types for executing code diagnostics. Using the types within this name space may help finding implementation errors. Read help on class CodeExamination for more information about code examination.
Public classCode exampleCodeExamination
Provides the code examination for types according the defined rules.
Public classCodeExaminationAttribute
Defines the attribute used for decorating a type which defines a code examination rule.
Public classCodeExaminationBaseAttribute
Defines the base class for the code examination attributes.
Public classCodeExaminationCodes
Defines the code used for expressing code examination failings.
Public classCodeExaminationContext
Defines the context used for code examination.
Public classCodeExaminationEventArgs
The argument which is used on calling rules for examination.
Public classCode exampleCodeExaminationHintAttribute
Provides a possibility to add hints for code examination to one of the defined targets.
Public classCode exampleCodeExaminationRule
Defines the base implementation of an examination rule.
Public classDataContractCodeExRule
Implements a code examination rule for checking a type according the weroSoft data contract implementation rules.
Public classCode exampleDynamicCodeExRule
Implements a code examination rule whose effective examination code is implemented externally.
Public classExceptionClassCodeExRule
Implements a code examination rule for checking exception classes.
Public classIgnoreCodeExaminationAttribute
Defines the attribute used for decorating a type which defines a code examination rule.
Public classStandardConstructorCodeExRule
Implements a code examination rule for checking whether a type has a standard constructor.
Public interfaceICodeExamination
Defines the responsibility of the code examination.
Public interfaceICodeExaminiationRule
Defines the responsibility of a rule.
Public enumerationCodeExaminationCodeType
Defines the examination code type on which examination is performed.
Public enumerationCodeExaminationElementTargets
Defines the supported element targets of the CodeEx rule system.
Public enumerationCodeExaminationResultTextFormat
Defines the possible text formats a examination result can formatted to.
Public enumerationCodeExaminationTarget
Defines the target on which an examination rule can work.