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weroSoft AG, Software
WeroSoft.Development.Controls Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classCheckinCommand
Implements the logic for checking-in the files from the current node down to all including nodes.
Public classCloseCommand
Implements the logic for closing a part.
Public classCollapseCommand
Implements the logic for collapsing a tree part.
Public classExpandCommand
Implements the logic for expanding a tree part.
Public classExportCommand
Implements the logic for exporting a part.
Public classFileSystemCommand
Defines the responsibility of the file system command.
Public classFileSystemViewModel
Defines the responsibility of the base file system view model.
Public classFileTemplateEventArgs
Defines the content of a file template event argument.
Public classFileViewModel
Represents a resource file.
Public classFolderViewModel
Represents a common folder view model.
Public classGetLatestCommand
Implements the logic for getting the latest version of the particular node down to all including items.
Public classImportCommand
Implements the logic for importing a part.
Public classOpenCommand
Implements the logic for opening a part.
Public classPartialFileSystemViewer
Interaction logic for PartialFileSystemViewer.xaml
Public classPartialFileSystemViewModel
Implements the view model of partial file system viewer.
Public classPartialRoot
Defines a code root.
Public classPartialRootFolderViewModel
Represents a partial root folder.
Public classRootFolderSelectionEventArgs
Defines the event argument used on selection of a code root.
Public classSaveCommand
Implements the logic for saving a resource.
Public classSelectBaseFolderCommand
Implements the logic which is used on loading the base folder.
Public classViewTemplateSelector
Implements the view template selector logic used in the file system viewer.
Public interfaceIPartialFileSystemViewerSettings
Defines the responsibility of the code configuration used for the partial file system viewer.