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weroSoft AG, Software
WeroSoft.Security Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Provides common types for security tasks like encryption and decryption of data and for hashing or signing data as well.
Public classCertificate
Represents an X509 certificate.
Public classCryptoConstant
Defines some constant values for cryptographic controller.
Public classCryptoDescription
Provides information about a cryptographic algorithm.
Public classCryptoServiceBase
Base class for the WeroSoft encryption and decryption of data.
Public classDecryption
Provides concrete functionality for decryption.
Public classEncryptedDataKeyDefinitions
Defines the default keys an object in the store has.
Public classEncryptedDataProvider
Provides methods for accessing secured data from within the encrypted data store.
Public classEncryptedDataStore
Represents the secured information store.
Public classEncryption
Provides concrete functionality for encryption.
Public classHashProcessor
Calculate hash values.
Public classKeyManager
Provides the functionality to handle keys. This includes the import, export and generation of keys.
Public classPasswordController
Provides methods for checking a password.
Public classPasswordStrengthDescription
Describes the strength of password.
Public classSimpleCryptoProvider
Implements the encryption and decryption for different standard types.
Public classStringBlur
Provides some simple functionality to encrypt and decrypt strings.
Public classWindowsImpersonation
Holds the properties needed for an impersonation.
Public classWindowsSecurityHelper
Provides common methods for handling windows security.
Public interfaceICryptoWrapper
Defines the crypto wrapper functionality around the encrypt/decrypt crypto service methods.
Public interfaceIEncryptedDataCipherImplementation
Defines the functionality for encryption and decryption of data content.
Public interfaceIEncryptedDataProvider
Defines methods for accessing secured data from within an application.
Public interfaceIKeyManager
Defines the functionality of the Triton key manager.
Public interfaceIValueDecryption
Declares the decryption methods.
Public interfaceIValueEncryption
Declares the encryption methods.
Public enumerationCertificateStringFormat
Defines the format of a certificate string.
Public enumerationCertificateUsage
Defines the possible certificate usages.
Public enumerationCryptoKeyMode
Defines the used key size for the desired algorithm.
Public enumerationCryptoKeyStore
Defines the key store used for the defined key.
Public enumerationCryptoProviderType
Defines the supported encryption provider.
Public enumerationHashProvider
Defines the possible providers which are supported for hashing a password.
Public enumerationPasswordStrength
Defines the needed strengths of the password.
Public enumerationSecurityLevel
Defines the security levels used for accessing security level protected information.
Public enumerationWindowsImpersonationMode
Defines the windows impersonation mode used for controlling an impersonation to windows.