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WeroSoft.CommonTypes Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classCharacteristic
Represents a concrete characteristic description.
Public classCharacteristicData
Defines the characteristic data element.
Public classCharacteristicInfo
Represents a concrete characteristic description.
Public classCharacteristicInfoView
Represents a concrete characteristic info view.
Public classCharacteristicMetaInfo
Represents a collection of characteristics.
Public classCharacteristicMetaInfoView
Represents a collection of characteristics.
Public classCharacteristics
Represents characteristics used in another business object.
Public classCharacteristicsException
Represents a common exception used by the characteristics framework.
Public classCharacteristicsManager
Implements the characteristics manager used to create and / or populate concrete objects.
Public classLocalizedProperty
Implements the base of localized property.
Public classLocalizedPropertyTPropertyType
Represent a localized property.
Public classLocalizedPropertyExtensions
Implements some extension method for localized properties.
Public classLocalizedPropertyValueTPropertyType
Defines the value of a localized property.
Public classLocalizedString
Defines a localized string.
Public classModificationInfo
Provides information about the modification of this element.
Public classStackableItemT
Create a thread static stack of items.
Public classThreadStaticStacker
Holds a thread static stack and implements the method to access them.
Public interfaceICharacteristicPersistentValue
Defines the responsibility of a persistence object used for characteristic value.
Public interfaceICharacteristics
Defines the responsibility of a characteristics main object.
Public interfaceICharacteristicsCriterionProvider
Defines a characteristics attribute
Public interfaceIClassifier
Defines the responsibility of an object which can act as a classifier.
Public interfaceILocalizedProperty
Defines the functionality of a localized property.
Public interfaceILocalizedPropertyValue
Defines the functionality of a localized property value.
Public enumerationCharacteristicStorageType
Gets a value indicating how the value is stored in the database.
Public enumerationCollectionCompare
Defines the way how two collections are compared.
Public enumerationHorizontalAlignment
Defines vendor independent horizontal alignment.
Public enumerationVerticalAlignment
Defines vendor independent vertical alignment.