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WeroSoft.Expressions.Parsing Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classBinaryOperatorParser
Defines the base functionality of the binary operator parser.
Public classBracedConstantParser
Implements the parser for parsing braced constant elements.
Public classCallParser
Implements the parser for a call element.
Public classGroupParser
Implements the group parser.
Public classNamedConstantParser
Implements the parser for parsing constant named elements.
Public classNameParser
Implements the parser for named elements.
Public classNumericConstantParser
Implements the parser for parsing constant numeric values.
Public classParser
Parses a tokenized expression.
Public classParserHelper
Provides some helper methods for parsing.
Public classStringConstantParser
Implements the parser for strings and character constants.
Public classToken
An atomic element in the 'parse-language'.
Public classTokenizer
Creates the atomic tokens from an expression.
Public classTypeFormatDefinitions
Defines the modifiers and type format definitions which are supported in numbers.
Public interfaceIInfixParser
Defines the functionality of the parser responsible for parsing infixes.
Public interfaceIPrefixParser
Defines the functionality of the parser responsible for parsing infixes.
Public interfaceITokenizer
Defines the functionality of a tokenizer.
Public interfaceITokenizerContext
Defines the tokenizer context functionality.
Public enumerationPrecedence
Defines the precedences of the used operators.
Public enumerationSignHandling
Defines the possible sign handling.
Public enumerationTokenType
Defines the types a token of the expression tokenizer.