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WeroSoft.ComponentModel.Triggering Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classTrigger
Provides methods for invoking triggers.
Public classTriggerConfiguration
Represents a configuration used in the trigger system.
Public classTriggerContext
Represents the Trigger context managing the trigger plans.
Public classTriggerDataAdvisor
Defines a helper object used for advising an object to the trigger.
Public classTriggerDefinition
Represents a trigger definition.
Public classTriggerExecutor
Implements the base functionality of a trigger executor.
Public classTriggerExtensions
Provides some extensions for trigger registration.
Public classTriggerManager
Provides a Trigger Manager used for working with dynamic method invocation.
Public classTriggerMethodExecutor
Provides an executor used for a method.
Public classTriggerMethodRegistration
Represents a Method Trigger registration.
Public classTriggerModule
Represents a module which groups triggers.
Public classTriggerParameter
Defines a parameter of a trigger.
Public classTriggerParameterAttribute
Defines an attribute which s used to mark a property as a trigger parameter.
Public classTriggerProcessingInfo
Represents a processing information for handling a dynamic method invocation.
Public classTriggerRegistration
Represents the base information of a Trigger registration.
Public classTriggerRegistrationChangedEventArgs
Defines an event argument used for communicating a trigger registration has changed.
Public classTriggerRegistrationView
Represents one particular trigger registration view.
Public classTriggerShellRegistration
Represents a Shell Trigger Registration.
Public classTriggerWorkflowRegistration
Represents a single Trigger Definition.
Public enumerationTargetObjectHandling
Defines the possibilities how method triggers are handling the target object.
Public enumerationTriggerDefinitionLevel
Gets the level of the trigger definition.
Public enumerationTriggerDefinitionType
Gets the type the trigger definition belongs to.
Public enumerationTriggerExecutionTiming
Defines the possible timings a trigger is invoked.
Public enumerationTriggerRegistrationAction
Defines the possible actions a trigger registration can happen.
Public enumerationTriggerRegistrationType
Gets the type the trigger registration belongs to.