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weroSoft AG, Software
WeroSoft.Configuration Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classApplicationConfiguration
Represents the configuration header.
Public classApplicationConfigurationEditor
Implements access to the application configuration editor.
Public classApplicationConfigurationEditorConfiguration
Represents an editor configuration.
Public classApplicationConfigurationModelExtensions
Provides some extension methods for the configuration model.
Public classAutoStartConfiguration
Defines the auto start configuration node.
Public classCommentItem
Represents the configuration comment.
Public classCommonNodeConfiguration
Defines a common structure node which has no real responsibility, but the representing a free structure element.
Public classConfigurationEditorEventArgs
Represents a application configuration editor event argument.
Public classConfigurationItem
Defines the base type of a configuration item.
Public classConfigurationItemAttribute
Defines the attribute to decorate meta data in the application configuration system.
Public classConfigurationItemInfo
Represents a configuration item information.
Public classConfigurationItemProxy
Item meta data class used by the editor of meta data items.
Public classConfigurationItemXmlWriteAttribute
Defines the behavior for writing XML on a configuration item.
Public classConfigurationItemXmlWriteBehaviorAttribute
Defines the property write behavior
Public classConfigurationMetadataType
Implements the configuration type used by the editor to add new item meta data node in the tree.
Public classConfigurationParentRuleAttribute
Defines the parent rule attribute.
Public classConfigurationRuleAttribute
Defines the configuration basic rule attribute.
Public classConnectsToConfiguration
Defines the connects to node.
Public classConstants
Class containing the constants used in the core configuration module.
Public classEngineCompositionsConfiguration
Defines the engine compositions node.
Public classHeaderConfiguration
Represents the configuration header.
Public classInstanceConfiguration
Defines the engine instance node.
Public classInstancesConfiguration
Defines the instances node.
Public classKeyValueConfiguration
Defines the trace node in the XML.
Public classLanguageConfiguration
Implements the language configuration.
Public classMetadataTypeConfiguration
Represents a meta data type definition.
Public classModelChangedEventArgs
Represents a model changed event argument.
Public classMruEntry
Defines a MRU entry.
Public classMruFileEntry
Defines a MRU entry which is startable in the settings.
Public classParameterSetsConfiguration
Represents the parameter sets configuration item.
Public classProcessConfiguration
Defines a process configuration.
Public classProcessInfo
Defines a process info object with a wide set of base information about the currently running process.
Public classProcessManagementConfiguration
Defines the runtime environment node.
Public classProcessOwnerVerificationEventArgs
Defines the event argument used for process owner verification.
Public classPropertyConfiguration
Represents a property of an instance or a type.
Public classRuntimeTypeConfiguration
Represents the runtime type configuration item.
Public classSetting
Defines a setting.
Public classSettingCollection
Provides a collection of settings.
Public classSettingConfiguration
Represents a setting.
Public classSettingEventArgs
Represents the information which is used on the Setting Changed event.
Public classSettingException
Defines an exception which is used in case of failed setting operation.
Public classStructureConfigurationItem
Defines the base type of a configuration item.
Public classTextItem
Represents the configuration text node.
Public classTraceConfiguration
Defines the trace node in the XML.
Public interfaceIApplicationConfigurationEditor
Interface defining the application configuration editor.
Public interfaceIApplicationConfigurationModel
Interface defining the application configuration access interface.
Public interfaceIConfigurationItem
Item meta data proxy interface.
Public interfaceIConfigurationItemProxy
Represents a configuration item proxy information.
Public interfaceIConfigurationTypeProvider
Interface defining the meta data type provider.
Public interfaceIPropertiesConfiguration
Defines the ability of a configuration item to get its configured properties.
Public enumerationConnectorKind
Enumeration defining all the possible connector kind in case of instance connection.
Public enumerationEditorStatus
Defines the status of the editor.
Public enumerationInstanceStrategy
Defines the instance strategy to use at configuration creation time..
Public enumerationLanguageConfigurationMode
Defines the possible working mode of the language configuration.
Public enumerationModelChangedReason
Defines the configuration model changed reason enumeration.
Public enumerationNodeClassifying
Defines where a node may be placed in the configuration structure.
Public enumerationProcessOwner
Defines the possible values of process control responsibility.
Public enumerationResolverBehavior
Defines the resolver behavior to use at expression service configuration time.
Public enumerationSettingChangeAction
Defines the possible change actions which have been made on changing a setting.