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weroSoft AG, Software
WeroSoft.Querying Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Provides common types for creating queries applied to the business logic layer.
Public classAccessor
Accessing a property, method or field.
Public classAssignedTerm
Defines a term which will be owned by a parent query part.
Public classBinaryOperator
Defines an operator like plus, and, XOR, equals, etc to create queries.
Public classConstant
Defines a constant for query.
Public classMappingConfiguration
Holds all configuration parts to an whole configuration.
Public classMappingConfigurationPart
Defines a configuration part to configure the mapping of queries.
Public classMappingTargetInfo
Implements the IMappingTargetInfo interface.
Public classOperator
Provides an operator.
Public classOrderClause
Defines a single sort order clause.
Public classOrderStatement
Define an order statement to order a result.
Public classPagingHelper
Defines some helpers for paging mechanism.
Public classPagingQuery
Defines the content for paging.
Public classPagingResponse
Contains the data of a fetch response.
Public classParameter
Define a using parameter.
Public classCode exampleQuery
Provides the high level interface used for querying data on business logic level.
Public classQueryExtensions
Implements some paging methods.
Public classQueryMapper
Implements the translator to translate queries.
Public classQueryPart
Define one query part.
Public classSelectStatement
Defines a search statement.
Public classSelectStatementExtensions
Provides extension methods for easy creation of statements.
Public classSortCriterion
Represents a sort criterion used by the search mechanism.
Public classSortExtensions
Provides extension functionality for sorting of query results.
Public classStatement
Defines the functionality of a statement.
Public classTerm
Can be an accessor, constant or operator.
Public classWhereClause
Represents a where clause.
Public classWhereClauseExtensions
Provides extension functionality for sorting of query results.
Public interfaceIExtendQuery
Define the interface for an query extender.
Public interfaceIMappingTargetInfo
Defines the target for the mapper to configure the query parts.
Public interfaceIQuery
Provides an interface for creating queries on business logic interface.
Public interfaceIQueryMapper
Defines the functionality to translate or map queries from software layer to software layer.
Public enumerationOperatorType
Defines the operator types.
Public enumerationPageQueryWorkingMode
Defines the page query mode.
Public enumerationQueryPartType
Defines the type of a query part.