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WeroSoft.Windows.Controls Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classActionControl
Represents the action of the control.
Public classAdjustingGrid
Represents an extension of WSGrid. The Grid arranges elements of type Label as defined in the column definition GridColumns. The attached property ControlWidth allows to define how much of the column width is occupied by the control.
Public classAdvancedDataGridColumnDefinitionConverter
Implements the data grid column converter used for applying the weroSoft column definition to DevExpress column definition.
Public classAdvancedDataGridControl
Provides a common grid control with configurable behavior by view model.
Public classAdvancedDataGridGroupSummary
Represents the data to be used for the summary of a group.
Public classAdvancedDataGridGroupSummaryConverter
Returns the list of group summaries.
Public classBaseControl
Represents the base class of a object in a control.
Public classBaseValidationEventArgs
Represents a base control object used during validation of dialog data.
Public classBasicDataGridCellTemplateSelector
Implements the basic data grid template selector.
Public classBasicDataGridColumnsAttachedProperty
Represents an attached property for configuring the columns of the grid view.
Public classBasicDataGridControl
Interaction logic for BasicDataGridControl.xaml
Public classBorderButton
Interaction logic for BorderButton.xaml
Public classButton
Represents a control which shows a button and a label.
Public classButtonBaseControl
Represents the base class of Button and RepeatButton.
Public classCode exampleButtonComposition
The class defines the properties and the geometries of the composition.
Public classButtonCompositionHelper
Geometrical functionality and operations.
Public classButtonDefinition
Defines the base button properties.
Public classButtonToVisibilityConverter
Convert the supported actions to visibility of the buttons.
Public classButtonWidthConverter
Get the visibility of the text button according to its width.
Public classCentralButton
Interaction logic for CentralButton.xaml
Public classCentralButtonDefinition
Defines the properties of a CentralButton.
Public classCentralRepeatButton
Interaction logic for CentralRepeatButton.xaml
Public classCentralToggleButton
Interaction logic for CentralToggleButton.xaml
Public classCentralToggleButtonDefinition
Defines the properties of a ToggleCentralButton.
Public classChangePasswordCommand
Defines the command to change a password.
Public classCode exampleCheckGroup
Represents a control that shows check-boxes in a group.
Public classCheckItem
Defines a check box in the CheckGroup control.
Public classClientAdapterChooserDialog
Interaction logic for ClientAdapterChooserDialog.xaml
Public classClientAdapterChooserViewModel
Represents the view model of the client adapter chooser.
Public classClientAdapterTemplateSelector
Provides the template selector for different client adapter definitions.
Public classClientAdapterTitle
Interaction logic for ClientAdapterTitle.xaml
Public classCollectionEditorDialog
Interaction logic for CollectionEditorDialog.xaml
Public classContainerControl
Defines the base class of a control that allows navigating through modules.
Public classContainerControlHelper
Generic utilities for SlidingPage handling.
Public classContentPositionConverter
Convert the position and rotation of the content of a button.
Public classContextMenuConfigurationEventArgs
Provides an event argument for context menu configuration.
Public classControlHelper
Provides some helper methods for windows controls.
Public classCrosshairBehavior
Handle Crosshair popups of ChartControl to that they are not shown outside the ChartControl when this one is zoomed via LayoutTransformvwithin its parent NavigationFrame.
Public classCustomData
Represents the data of a custom item within CustomDataDefinition.
Public classCustomDataDefinition
Defines a collection of custom data to be shown in a property grid.
Public classCustomDataDefinitionExtensions
A static class which holds a set of utility methods to handle CustomDataDefinition.
Public classCustomDataGroup
Represents the group of a custom data.
Public classCustomWindow
Implements a custom window without having a visible border.
Public classDataDescriptor
Represents a property descriptor.
Public classDataTypeToMaskTypeConverter
Gets the DevExpress MaskType enum corresponding to the selected DataType.
Public classDataView
Interaction logic for PropertyView.xaml
Public classDefaultToImageConverter
Get the icon to show a default or not default favorite search definition.
Public classDetailsSeparator
Interaction logic for DetailsSeparator.xaml
Public classDialogAcceptCancel
Defines the dialog accept cancel control.
Public classDialogClosingEventArgs
Represents the event fired when the dialog is being closed.
Public classCode exampleDialogGrid
Defines a grid using default columns providing the weroSoft design for data entering.
Public classDialogMainButtonEventArgs
Represents a control object used for checking the end dialog behavior.
Public classDiscreteTypeCollectionEditorControl
Interaction logic for DiscretTypeCollectionEditorControl.xaml
Public classDiscreteTypeCollectionEditorDialog
Interaction logic for DiscreteTypeCollectionEditorDialog.xaml
Public classDiscreteTypeCollectionEditorUserControl
Interaction logic for DiscreteTypeCollectionEditorUserControl.xaml
Public classDynamicMenuItem
Represents a menu item used in a dynamic menu control.
Public classDynamicMenuSeparator
Represents a separator in a dynamic menu control.
Public classDynamicMenuUserControl
Implements an abstract base type for handling instance specific context menu.
Public classCode exampleDynamicResourceDictionary
Provides a resource dictionary which supports handling the resources locally or routing them to the application level resources.
Public classEasyGrid
Provides a grid control which allows easy definition of rows and columns width by a simple comma delimited string.
Public classEditValueChangedEventArgs
Represents an event fired when the list of items has been modified.
Public classElementAttachedProperty
Defines attached properties of an framework element.
Public classEnabledToOpacityConverter
Binding of IsEnabled to the opacity.
Public classEventArgsWrapper
Provides the functionality used for wrapping event arguments into a single object to allow routing event arguments to a user interface command.
Public classFrameControl
Interaction logic for FrameControl.xaml
Public classFrameControlUtilities
Helper class with generic functionalities.
Public classFrameDescriptionEventArgs
Event fired when the FrameDescription has changed.
Public classFunctionRightDialog
Interaction logic for FunctionRightDialog.xaml
Public classGeoPositioningUserControl
Interaction logic for GeoPositioningUserControl.xaml
Public classGeoSearchCompletedEventArgs
Event fired when the geographical search has been completed.
Public classGroupableDescriptor
Implements the base type of ordered descriptor.
Public classGroupDescriptor
Provides a group descriptor.
Public classGroupDisplayAttribute
Defines the attribute to decorate a type object having multiple groups of properties.
Public classGroupHeaderConverter
Gets the UserControl to be used as NavBar header, according to the property Title.
Public classGroupView
Interaction logic for GroupView.xaml
Public classHelper
Generic helper
Public classIntDoubleConverter
Convert the binding int to double.
Public classIntegerValidationRule
Defines a integer validation rule.
Public classCode exampleInvokeCommandBehavior
This behavior allows connecting a event of a control with a command.
Public classIssueActivationEventArgs
Represents the issue which shall be activated.
Public classIssueViewModel
Represents an issue in the dialog validation.
Public classItemDefinition
Defines an item in the CheckGroup control.
Public classKeyHelper
Provides helper functionality for creating a key binding from a string.
Public classLabel
Represents the label of the control.
Public classLanguageChooserPopup
Interaction logic for LanguageChooserPopup.xaml
Public classLineConverter
Generates a dashed line that connect points. The points themselves are not drawn.
Public classListSelectedItemsView
Interaction logic for ListSelectedItemsView.xaml
Public classListViewBehavior
Hides or shows columns of the ListView.
Public classLocalizedTextBox
Represents a localized text box which can be configured in XAML for editing a localized string.
Public classLocalizedTextBoxHelper
Public classLocalizedTextEditDialog
Interaction logic for TextEditDialog.xaml
Public classLookUpEditPopupHeightBehavior
Allows auto setting the height of the pop-up in the LookupEdit control.
Public classManagedClientViewModelBase
Represents the base class of a managed client view model implementation.
Public classMapSearchResult
Defines the one result of the geographical search.
Public classMarginSetter
Implements an attach property for controlling the margins within a panel.
Public classMessageArea
Interaction logic for MessageArea.xaml
Public classMessageAreaClosedEventArgs
Represents an event fired when the message area gets closed.
Public classMessageAreaDialog
Interaction logic for MessageAreaDialog.xaml
Public classMessageAreaEventArgs
Defines the event argument provided by a callback from the message provider.
Public classMessageAreaOpenedEventArgs
Represents an event fired when the message area gets opened.
Public classMessageAreaPopUp
Interaction logic for MessageAreaPopUp.xaml
Public classMultiLinesToHorizontalScrollBarVisibilityConverter
Convert multi lines option to the visibility of the horizontal scrollbar.
Public classMultiLinesToVerticalScrollBarVisibilityConverter
Convert multi lines option to the visibility of the vertical scrollbar.
Public classNavigationFrameMouseWheelOnChartControlBehavior
Handle DevExpress ChartControl Crosshair tooltips when a zoom is applied to the NavigationFrame via LayoutTransform, like it is done in the Triton Dashboard UI.
Public classNumeric
Represents a control which allows setting a value of a quantity.
Public classNumericBaseControl
Represents the base class of Numeric and Slider.
Public classNumericUpDown
Interaction logic for NumericUpDown.xaml
Public classOrderedDescriptor
Implements the base type of ordered descriptor.
Public classPointsConverter
Generates circular markers at the point coordinates but without connecting line among them.
Public classPolylineConverter
Generates a dashed line with circular markers at the point coordinates.
Public classPolylineDefinition
Describes a polyline.
Public classProgressArea
Interaction logic for ProgressArea.xaml
Public classProgressAreaManager
Manages the progress area of the application.
Public classProgressBarValueToStringConverter
Gets the string to show as progress bar of the ProgressControl
Public classProgressControl
Interaction logic for ProgressControl.xaml
Public classProgressControlSettings
Defines the setting of the progress area.
Public classProgressControlWrapper
Manage the queue of progress items. According to the kind of the item opens or closes the control, shows a progress if present in the queue.
Public classProgressInfo
The base information of the progress.
Public classProgressInfoClose
Represents the information to close a progress control.
Public classProgressInfoOpen
Represents the information to open a progress control.
Public classProgressInfoShow
Represents the information of a progress.
Public classProgressInfoShowAbsolute
Defines a progress information to be shown as text.
Public classProgressInfoShowPercentage
Defines a progress information to be shown as progress bar.
Public classPropertyClrDescriptor
Represents a property descriptor gained from a POCO object.
Public classPropertyCustomDataDescriptor
Represents a property descriptor with custom dynamic objects.
Public classPropertyDescriptor
Implements the common part of property descriptor.
Public classPropertyEditorAssemblyAttribute
Defines a marker attribute used for assemblies providing property grid editors.
Public classPropertyEditorAttribute
Allows defining the editor to be used for editing a property.
Public classPropertyEditorDefinitionAttribute
Allows defining the editor to be used for editing a property.
Public classPropertyEditorInitializingEventArgs
Event fired when the editor window gets initialized.
Public classPropertyEditorSettingsAttribute
Provides the possibility to define some settings used by property editors.
Public classPropertyGrid
Interaction logic for PropertyGrid.xaml
Public classPropertyGridDescriptor
Implements the base property descriptor type.
Public classPropertyGridDialog
Interaction logic for PropertyGridComplete.xaml
Public classPropertyGridSplitterBehavior
Implements the grid splitter behavior used in the property grid.
Public classPropertyStatementDescriptor
Represents a property descriptor.
Public classPropertyView
Interaction logic for PropertyView.xaml
Public classPropertyVisibilityDependencyEventArgs
Event arguments which are used during firing the visibility change of properties.
Public classRadioCheckConverter
Handle the radio buttons of the group.
Public classCode exampleRadioGroup
Represents a control that shows radio buttons in a group.
Public classRadioItem
Defines a radio button in the RadioGroup control.
Public classReadonlyToOpacityConverter
Binding of IsREadonly to the opacity of the unit.
Public classRepeatButton
Represents a control which shows a repeat button and a label.
Public classCode exampleScrollLastIntoViewBehavior
The behavior allows to scroll into view new items added to a ListBox.
Public classSearchDefinition
Interaction logic for SearchDefinition.xaml
Public classSearchDefinitionControl
Interaction logic for SearchDefinitionControl.xaml
Public classSelectClientAdapterCommand
Implements the command which is selecting a client connector from the client manager.
Public classSelectedItemsEventArgs
Represents an event argument used on selection changed in data grid controls.
Public classServerAddressControl
Interaction logic for ServerAddressControl.xaml
Public classServerConnectionStatus
Interaction logic for ServerConnectionStatus.xaml
Public classServerConnectionStatusViewModel
Represents the view model of the server connection.
Public classSessionChooserDialog
Interaction logic for SessionChooserDialog.xaml
Public classSessionChooserViewModel
Represents a view model for the session chooser.
Public classShapeButton
Interaction logic for ShapeButton.xaml
Public classShapeButtonDefinition
Defines the properties of a ShapeButton.
Public classShapeRepeatButton
Interaction logic for ShapeRepeatButton.xaml
Public classShapeToggleButton
Interaction logic for ShapeToggleButton.xaml
Public classShapeToggleButtonDefinition
Defines the properties of a ToggleShapeButton.
Public classSingleValueControl
Represents a single value object.
Public classSlider
Represents a control which shows a slider.
Public classSlidingCheckGroup
Represents a control that shows a list of sliding check boxes.
Public classSlidingCheckItem
Defines a check box in the SlidingCheckGroup control.
Public classSlidingPage
Defines an element to be shown as view within a NavBarControl.
Public classCode exampleSlidingPageControl
The SlidingPage allows to show pages within an accordion control, where every page represents a UserControl.
Public classSlidingPageHiddenEventArgs
Represents an event fired when a SlidingPage gets unselected.
Public classSlidingPageLoadedEventArgs
Represents an event fired when a SlidingPage is loaded.
Public classSlidingPageShownEventArgs
Represents an event fired when a SlidingPage is shown.
Public classSlidingPageUnloadedEventArgs
Represents an event fired when a SlidingPage is unloaded.
Public classSlidingPageValidateEventArgs
Event sent before changes in the selection of the pages to allow a validation of the new selection.
Public classSlindingPageBehavior
Implements the behavior of the SlidingPageControl
Public classSortChangedEventArgs
Represents an event that indicate changes in the sort of the grid.
Public classSortOrderDetail
Interaction logic for SortOrderDetail.xaml
Public classStringToBrushConverter
Converts a string to the brush with the corresponding name.
Public classStringToThicknessConverter
Converts a string into thickness.
Public classCode exampleSuffixControlBehavior
Provides a behavior for attaching a unit or a common suffix respectively to a WPF Control.
Public classTagControl
Interaction logic for TagControl.xaml
Public classTagControlValidationEventArgs
Represents an event fired before an item is inserted.
Public classTechnicalObjectInfoControl
Interaction logic for TechnicalObjectInfoControl.xaml
Public classTextBlockExt
Extension of TextBloxk to format a text.
Public classTextEditDialog
Interaction logic for TextEditDialog.xaml
Public classTextSearchCriterionEventArgs
Defines a search event argument.
Public classToolBox
Interaction logic for ToolBox.xaml
Public classToolBoxSelectionChangedEventArgs
The argument of the event fired when the selection in the ToolBox has changed.
Public classToolDescriptor
Represents a tool descriptor.
Public classToolView
Interaction logic for ToolView.xaml
Public classTypeDescriptor
Represents a CLR type.
Public classTypeDisplayAttribute
Defines the attribute to decorate a data object shown in the property grid.
Public classUserControlBase
Implements a user control providing the base styles of the framework.
Public classUserInterfaceHelper
Represents a extension for user interface atom elements.
Public classValidateCircle
Validation helper for a circular geometry.
Public classValidateComposition
Validation helper for the composition.
Public classValidateGrid
Validation helper for a grid geometry.
Public classValidatePolygon
Validation helper for a polygonal geometry.
Public classValidateRectangle
Validation helper for a rectangular geometry.
Public classValidationResultView
Interaction logic for ValidationResult.xaml
Public classValidityChangedEventArgs
Represents an event fired when the value has been validated.
Public classValueTooltipConverter
Convert the value of the slider to a tool-tip text.
Public classVisibilityDependencyAttribute
Allows defining a property being dependent on a visibility provider.
Public classVisibilityProviderAttribute
Allows defining a property to be a visibility provider.
Public classVisibilityToOppositeVisibilityConverter
Convert the visibility to its opposite.
Public classWindowCustomization
Defines the Window Customization parameters.
Public classWorkflowStatementInfo
Provides a data transporter for workflow statement information to edit the data of a statement.
Public classWSGrid
Provides base functionality of the weroSoft Grid-Controls.
Public interfaceIColumnDefinition
Specifies the properties supported by the control in a grid column.
Public interfaceIContainerItem
Represents the properties to be implemented by a class that support navigating through modules.
Public interfaceICustomData
Defines the properties of a CustomData object.
Public interfaceICustomDataDefinition
Defines the properties of a CustomDataDefinition object.
Public interfaceICustomDataGroup
Defines the properties of a CustomDataGroup object.
Public interfaceIDataGridControl
Defines the responsibility a data grid control has.
Public interfaceIDynamicMenuItem
Defines the responsibility of the dynamic menu items.
Public interfaceIGeometryButton
Defines the functionalities a button shall implement.
Public interfaceIGroupableDescriptor
Defines the responsibility of a group-able descriptor.
Public interfaceIGroupDescriptor
Defines the responsibility of a group descriptor.
Public interfaceIGroupedItemListProvider
Provides the common elements used for a grouped item list.
Public interfaceIInsideControl
This is a marker interface to control the margin setting in compound dialogs.
Public interfaceIManagedClientViewModel
Defines the functionality of the server view model
Public interfaceIMessageArea
Defines the functionality of the message provider of Triton.
Public interfaceIMessageDisplay
Defines the message display functionality.
Public interfaceIOrderedDescriptor
Defines the responsibility of a ordered descriptor.
Public interfaceIProgressSignalization
Represents the actions supported by the progress bar.
Public interfaceIPropertyDescriptor
Defines the functionality of the property descriptor.
Public interfaceIPropertyEditorManageLocation
Defines a property editor that can support WindowPositionBehavior.
Public interfaceIPropertyGrid
Defines the common functionality of the property grid control.
Public interfaceIPropertyGridDescriptor
Defines the base interface of a descriptor used in the property grid.
Public interfaceIPropertyGridDialog
Provides the functionality of the property grid dialog.
Public interfaceIShapeButton
Defines the functionalities supported by a shape button.
Public interfaceISlidingPageControl
Defines the functionalities supported by the control.
Public interfaceIToolDescriptor
Defines the responsibility of a tool bar descriptor.
Public interfaceITypeDescriptor
Defines the responsibility of a type descriptor.
Public interfaceIUnitControl
Defines the properties for displaying the unit of the value.
Public enumerationBuiltInEditor
Defines the built in property editors usable in the property grid.
Public enumerationButtonBehavior
Defines the type o the button.
Public enumerationContentPlacement
Represents the option for displaying the content of the sliding check box.
Public enumerationCustomDataAttribute
Defines the known keys for the definitions of attributes of a CustomData
Public enumerationCustomWindowButtonsMode
Defines the possible kinds to show the main window buttons of the custom window.
Public enumerationDataType
The list of supported type of the TagControl editor.
Public enumerationGeometryType
Specifies the supported type of geometry.
Public enumerationGroupedListOrder
Defines the display order of the properties in the grid.
Public enumerationLabelOrientation
Defines the orientation of the labels in the editor infrastructure.
Public enumerationMessageAreaButton
Definition of message buttons.
Public enumerationMessageAreaButtonCombination
Defines the possible combinations of buttons which may be displayed on a message.
Public enumerationMessageAreaIcon
Icons, which may be displayed in the message area of Triton.
Public enumerationObjectIsolationMode
Defines the object isolation mode used for working with data.
Public enumerationProgressAction
The list of actions supported by the progress bar.
Public enumerationProgressType
Defines the options to display the progress.
Public enumerationReadOnlyViewState
The supported values of the ElementAttachedAttribute ReadOnlyView
Public enumerationRotationType
Defines the rotation of the content of a ShapeButton. Please note that the content of central or Grid buttons are not rotated.
Public enumerationScrollMode
Wraps the ScrollMode class of DevExpress
Public enumerationSideToMove
The possible side or corner the mouse can be on.
Public enumerationStepType
Defines the type of increment or decrement to be applied to the numeric value.
Public enumerationTickItemDisplayMode
Specifies how the slider ticks are displayed
Public enumerationTickPlacement
Specifies the location of the ticks.
Public enumerationUnitAlignment
Defines the supported aliments of the unit with respect to the value.
Public enumerationUpDownHorizontalAlignment
Defines the values for left right align only.
Public enumerationUpDownTextAlignment
Defines the text alignment within the control.
Public enumerationValueToolTipPlacement
Defines the possible position of a tooltip.