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weroSoft AG, Software
WeroSoft.Diagnostics Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Provides common types providing diagnostic information or helping getting diagnistic information.
Public classActiveMemoryManager
Class for checking memory and cyclic calling garbage collection.
Public classActiveMemoryManagerEventArgs
Base class for raised event arguments of the active GC.
Public classActiveMemoryManagerExceptionEventArgs
Represents an event argument which is raised on controlling an exception on the active GC.
Public classActiveMemoryManagerExecutedEventArgs
Represents an event argument which is raised after the active GC is doing it's cyclic work.
Public classActiveMemoryManagerExecutingEventArgs
Represents an event argument which is raised before the active GC is doing it's cyclic work.
Public classActiveMemoryManagerSkipExecutionEventArgs
Describes the events data on skipping execution.
Public classAnalysis
Provides functionality for for controlling the analysis behavior.
Public classAssemblyInformation
Provides the most important assembly information.
Public classBaseboardInfo
Represents a baseboard, which is also known as a motherboard or system board.
Public classBiosInfo
Represent the read BIOS information.
Public classDiagnosticsHelper
Provides helper methods for diagnostics.
Public classDiagnosticText
Helper type representing a dual language text message.
Public classEntityFrameworkCommandInterceptor
Implements a command interceptor for the Entity Framework.
Public classExceptionHelper
Provides some methods to support exception creation with automatic tracing.
Public classExceptionPresenter
Represents a multi collection situation of caught exceptions.
Public classExceptionPresenterCollection
Represents a named collection.
Public classExceptionPresenterItem
Represents one single exception.
Public classLogicalDiskInfo
Provides information about a the logical disks on this machine.
Public classNetworkAdapterInfo
Represents a network adapter configuration.
Public classOperatingSystemInfo
Defines the operating system affine attributes of the current installation.
Public classPhysicalMemoryInfo
Provides information about the physical Memory built into this machine.
Public classProcessorInfo
Provides information about a processor built into a machine.
Public classResourceManagerCollection
Provide a self managed list of resource managers
Public classSystemInformation
Provides information about the system where the software is running.
Public classTextPart
Represents a text message.
Public classTraceableAttribute
Defines how a element can be traced.
Public classTraceableText
Represents a trace message.
Public classTraceCorrelation
Provides the needed information for an correlation information.
Public classTraceCorrelationMethodInfo
Provides a trace correlation which allows diagnostics of hierarchical entries.
Public classTraceExtensions
Provides extensions for tracing a value.
Public classTraceFilter
Represents a trace filter object.
Public classTraceListenerConfiguration
Provides the configuration of a trace listener.
Public classTraceListenerFactory
Provides a factory method for creating a trace listener derived type.
Public classTraceProvider
Provides the trace sources used for writing weroSoft Trace system.
Public classTraceProviderTimeSync
Class for time synchronization between multiple processes on the same machine.
Public classTraceProvidingSoftwareLayerName
Provides the names of the trace sources supported by the trace system.
Public classCode exampleTraceProvidingSource
Provides the trace sources used to write debug trace of the weroSoft trace tracking system.
Public classTraceProvidingSourceConfiguration
Defines a trace providing source configuration.
Public classTraceStandardFileListener
Represents a trace listener of the weroSoft trace tracking system.
Public classTraceStandardFileListenerConfiguration
Provides the configuration of a trace listener.
Public classTraceXmlWriterTraceListenerConfiguration
Provides the configuration of a XML default trace listener.
Public interfaceIErrorInfoProvider
Defines the responsibility of an object which is supporting error data information.
Public interfaceIExceptionPresenterCollection
Defines the responsibility of the type IExceptionPresenterCollection
Public interfaceIExceptionPresenterItem
Defines the responsibility of the type IExceptionPresenterItem.
Public interfaceITraceInfoProvider
Defines the responsibility a debug
Public interfaceITraceListenerConfiguration
Defines an interface to configure a trace listener during runtime.
Public interfaceITraceWriter
Defines the responsibility of a trace writer.
Public enumerationAnalysisCondition
Defines the possible conditions of analysis writing.
Public enumerationAssemblyKind
Defines the assembly to get information from.
Public enumerationTraceableKind
Gets or sets a value indicating how and when the property is traceable.
Public enumerationTraceProviderTimeSyncType
Definition for time synchronization where a time synchronizer is a readable or writable element.
Public enumerationTraceProvidingState
Reflects the state which the trace sources currently takes.
Public enumerationTraceSourceProviderMode
Defines the possible modes a trace source provider may work with.