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weroSoft AG, Software
WeroSoft.Workflow.Statements.Infrastructure Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classDevelopmentHelper
Provides some helper methods for developing the workflow system.
Public classIterationStatement
Implements the base functionality of the iteration statements.
Public classMethodBaseStatement
Implements the base functionality of the method statements.
Public classPropertyCollection
Implements a collection type for holding properties.
Public classStatementCollection
Implements a collection type for holding statements.
Public classStatementDevelopment
Defines some development helper data.
Public classStatementNavigator
Implements navigation functionality in tree navigation.
Public classStatementProperty
Implements a property of a HPL statement.
Public classStatementPropertyCollection
Implements the property collection of a statement.
Public enumerationNavigationMode
Defines some navigator search modes to change the behavior of the navigator.