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weroSoft AG, Software
WeroSoft.Licensing Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classLicense
Provides a customer license base information.
Public classLicenseConfigurationItem
Defines a license product item.
Public classLicenseCreator
Implements a standard license creator.
Public classLicenseDefinition
Defines the license definition.
Public classLicenseDefinitionException
Provides a license exception.
Public classLicenseDefinitionHeader
Defines the license definition header.
Public classLicenseException
Provides a license exception.
Public classLicenseHelper
Provides helper methods for the licensing system.
Public classLicenseInfo
Defines a product information.
Public classLicenseInfoFinder
Provides functionality to find a product information.
Public classLicenseManager
Proposes functionality for managing licenses.
Public classLicensePathHelper
Provides methods for special path handling of licensing.
Public classLicenseReader
Provides functionality for reading and verifying software licenses.
Public classModuleLicense
Provides a customer license information.
Public classProductLicense
Provides a customer license information.
Public interfaceILicense
Defines the common license elements.
Public interfaceILicenseCreator
Defines the functionality of the license creator.
Public interfaceILicenseInfoFinder
Defines the functionality of the license finder.
Public interfaceILicenseSignature
Defines the signature.
Public interfaceIModuleLicense
Defines a module license element.
Public interfaceIProductLicense
Defines a product license element.
Public enumerationLicenseLevel
Defines the supported License levels.
Public enumerationLicenseTargetLevel
Defines the license level to be targeted.
Public enumerationLicenseType
Defines the supported License types.