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WeroSoft.Workflow.Common.Runtime Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classExecutionContext
Represents the execution context used internally in the runtime for controlling the common elements of a workflow execution.
Public classRuntimeEditContext
Represents a light wight edit context which may be used during runtime.
Public classWorkflowArgumentNames
Defines uniformed workflow argument names.
Public classWorkflowExpressionContext
Implements a special workflow expression context.
Public classWorkflowThreadContext
Represents the thread specific execution context which is communicated to the statements.
Public interfaceIHeap
Provides the interface of the heap.
Public interfaceIHeapEntry
Defines the responsibility of a heap entry.
Public interfaceIMemoryManager
Defines the functionality of the memory manager.
Public interfaceIRuntimeManager
Defines the minimal data of the runtime manager.
Public interfaceIStack
Defines the responsibility of a memory management stack in the workflow execution system.
Public interfaceIStackEntry
Defines the responsibility of a stack entry.
Public interfaceIStackFrame
Gets the responsibility of a stack frame.
Public interfaceIWorkflowStatistics
Defines the data of the workflow data.
Public enumerationExpressionResolvingMode
Defines the mode of expression resolving.
Public enumerationStackEntryType
Defines the entry type of a stack element.
Public enumerationWorkflowExecutionState
Represents the execution state of the workflow.
Public enumerationWorkflowRuntimeMetrics
Defines the workflow runtime metrics which are supported.
Public enumerationWorkflowThreadState
Represents the execution state of the workflow thread.