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IEncryptedDataProvider Interface
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Defines methods for accessing secured data from within an application.

Namespace:  WeroSoft.Security
Assembly:  WeroSoft.Core.Library (in WeroSoft.Core.Library.dll) Version: 3.0 Pre-Release
public interface IEncryptedDataProvider : IDisposable

The IEncryptedDataProvider type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCipherImplementation
Gets the cipher implementation this provider is using.
Public propertyCount
Gets the count of nodes for which this provider is responsible for.
Public propertyEncryptedDataStore
Gets the secured data store behind the provider.
Public propertyProviderId
Gets the identifier of the provider.
Public propertyProviderName
Gets the name of the provider.
Public propertyTotalCount
Gets the total count of nodes independent of the provider.
Public methodClear
Clears the content of this particular provider.
Public methodCreateNode
Create a new node (a data object) in the store.
Public methodDispose
Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.
(Inherited from IDisposable.)
Public methodGetNodes
Gets a collection of nodes from the store.
Public methodGetProperty(Guid, Guid, Object)
Gets the decrypted content of one particular property.
Public methodGetPropertyT(Guid, Guid, T)
Gets the decrypted content of one particular property.
Public methodInitialize
Initializes the data provider by a name and its corresponding password.
Public methodMove
Moves a node to a new parent.
Public methodMoveContent
Moves the nodes contained within the source node to the target node.
Public methodRemove
Removes a node from the store.
Public methodSetProperty
Sets the value of a particular property of a node.
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