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weroSoft AG, Software
WeroSoft.PlatformInvoke Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classCommonLanguageRuntimeHelper
Provides some helper functions for interacting with the Common Language Runtime.
Public classConstants
Defines constants used for P-Invoke.
Public classMonitorInfo
Defines monitor information.
Public classNativeCallException
Represents an error that occurs during a native call (PInvoke).
Public classNativeMethod
Provides access to native methods of windows API.
Public classWindowFlashHelper
Helper used for calling the WIN32 flash window API.
Public classWindowsImageHelper
Provides methods for extracting windows images.
Public structureMinMaxInfo
Defines the minimal maximal information.
Public structureMousePoint
Defines an own mouse point structure used for getting the mouse position during Drag & Drop Operation.
Public structurePoint
Defines the point from the point API.
Public structureRect
Defines a rectangle data structure used for the window API.
Public enumerationLogonProvider
Provides the logon provider values for the logon method.
Public enumerationLogonType
Provides the possible log-on types.
Public enumerationShellFileInfoFlag
Defines the flags for retrieving information about an object in the file system.
Public enumerationShellIconSize
Defines the size of the icon to extract from shell.
Public enumerationShowWindowFlag
Defines the possible flags used for showing a window.
Public enumerationWindowFlashBehavior
Defines the window flash behavior.
Public enumerationWindowInsertAfter
Defines the z-order on windows positioning.
Public enumerationWindowLongFlag
Defines the value to be retrieved or set by Get/SetWindowLong
Public enumerationWindowPositioning
Describes the flags used for windows positioning.
Public enumerationWindowShow
Defines the possible values for defining the behavior of showing a window.
Public enumerationWindowStyle
Window Styles. The following styles can be specified wherever a window style is required. After the control has been created, these styles cannot be modified, except as noted.