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WeroSoft.ComponentModel.TypeResolving Namespace
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Public classContextTypeResolver
Implements the context oriented type resolver for individual type resolving.
Public classGenericParameterStub
Provides a type used for expressing a generic parameter in type array comparing.
Public classMapTypeAttribute
Allows defining a type which is mapped to another.
Public classMethodDefinition
Defines a .NET method as a definition object.
Public classOperatorTypeHelper
Provides methods for type checks in operators.
Public classTypeDefinition
Defines special character used for type building.
Public classTypeExtensions
Provides methods used for extending different types according type or assembly handling.
Public classTypeHelper
Provides some helper methods for working with types.
Public classTypeManager
Implements the standard type manager.
Public classTypeManagerConfiguration
Defines the configuration of the type manager.
Public classTypeManagerContextEntry
Defines a type manager entry.
Public classTypeManagerHelper
Provides some helper methods for the type manager.
Public classTypeManagerLoadError
Describes a load error happened during initiation of the type manager.
Public classTypeManagerLoadErrorEventArgs
Provides an event argument used on a load error event.
Public classTypeResolverRequest
Defines the request for resolving a type.
Public classTypeResolverResponse
Defines the result of a type resolver request.
Public classTypeResolvingContext
Defines a type resolving context.
Public interfaceIContextTypeResolver
Defines an individual context for resolving types.
Public interfaceITypeManager
Defines the functionality of the Type Manager.
Public interfaceITypeResolver
Defines the type resolver functionality.
Public enumerationArrayNotation
Defines how array notation shall be aligned.
Public enumerationLoadErrorType
Defines the type responsible for a initiation error on the type manager.
Public enumerationTypeManagerContextEntryKind
Defines the possible kinds of a type manager context entry.
Public enumerationTypeManagerContextEntrySourceType
Defines the type manager context entry source type.
Public enumerationTypeResolvingPolicy
Policy declaring whether a type may be resolved or not.