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CryptoProviderType Enumeration
The documentation is integral part of the weroSoft product documentation. This part is intended to be used by developers only.
Defines the supported encryption provider.

Namespace:  WeroSoft.Security
Assembly:  WeroSoft.Core.Library (in WeroSoft.Core.Library.dll) Version: 2.5
public enum CryptoProviderType
  Member nameValueDescription
Undefined0 No crypto service is defined.
Aes1 Use the symmetric Aes algorithm.
Des2 Use the symmetric DES algorithm.
Rc23 Use the symmetric RC2 algorithm.
Rijndael4 Use the symmetric Rijndael algorithm.
TripleDes5 Use the symmetric TripleDES algorithm.
Rsa4098 Use the asymmetric RSA algorithm.
RsaPublic4099 Use the asymmetric RSA algorithm only with public part of key.
X5098193 Use the certificates from local machine store.
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